How Do I Complete the Utilities Section?

Nikki -

There are two different approaches to this.

If you’re adding a new property, just scroll down to the “Utilities” section of the “Property Add Page”.

If you’re editing an existing property, sign into you Partner Dashboard and click on the “Edit Details” button, then scroll down to the “Utilities” section.

In the “Monthly Utility Fees” field, you can enter in the total cost amount to cover a tenant’s utility usage per month.

In the “Monthly Utilities Cap” field, you can enter in the you enter in the amount that you are willing to cover for a month's utilities. In the “Monthly Utilities Cap Description”, located in the Edit page of your listing, you can detail any extra utilities charges you might charge the tenant for.

For each utility dropdown category under that, you can select the following answers:

      • “Unknown” - If you’re not sure if you’re utility is provided and/or available. Typically speaking, this is not considered a good answer by prospective tenants.
      • “No” - This means that the utility is not available at your property. (Example: if your unit is powered entirely by electricity, you might put ‘no’ for gas.)
      • “Yes” - If the utility is available, but not included in rent, select this answer. (Example: you have internet available, but tenant might pay extra for it.)
      • “Yes-Included” - means that the utility is both available and included in rent.
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