What Is The HomeSuite Lease?

Josh K. -

Please see the HomeSuite Lease PDF attachment at the bottom of this post.


The HomeSuite Lease is the leasing document automatically generated for signature once a tenant commits to an available listing.


Benefits of having a HomeSuite Lease:

  • Faster lease processing: Because the lease is standardized, HomeSuite automatically fills in all required information on the lease. Leases will be sent out same day, usually within hours and eventually minutes.
  • Faster payment: Because the lease is sent out so quickly, payment will be completed more quickly. Most leases are signed within 24 hours, so direct deposit payment will go out as quickly as it possibly can, automatically.
  • Eliminate errors: There won't be any manual work required on the leases, which will reduce and often eliminate errors.
  • Repeatable, reliable process: The process will always be the same, so you can rely on what is happening behind the scenes at HomeSuite.
  • The HomeSuite Lease gives you protection: We've designed the lease to be locally compliant and include all of the protection you are currently familiar with.
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