How Do I Use The Seasonal Pricing Tool?

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The Seasonal Pricing Tool allows you to price your property based on your expectations of demand for a given month. The video below illustrates how to use HomeSuite's Seasonal Pricing Tool with step by step instructions. Remember, all months must have a value inputted in order to save changes. If you cannot see the video, please follow the link here.




1. Log in to your Partner Dashboard

2. Select 'Manage Price & Stay'

3. Select 'Seasonal' in the 'select your pricing strategy' option

4. To edit pricing, click once to select the first month you'd like to edit. All months must have an amount inputted in order to save changes.

5. Select a different month (if you wish to edit a range of months at once) or the same month one additional time to complete your selection for editing. All months must have an amount inputted in order to save changes.

6. Enter the price you'd like entered for the months selected in the 'Add price for the month' field to the right and select 'Preview Changes' to enter the prices into the table. You should see the price you entered within each of the previously selected boxes.

7. Complete the remaining boxes with the same process. Note - you cannot save changes unless all boxes are complete.

*Additional Note - How to Interpret Price*

If a lease started October 1st and ended July 31st, the Partner would receive:

  • $3000 for October and November
  • $2600 for December through February
  • $3000 for March through May
  • $3500 for June and July

8. Select 'Save Changes' to confirm your pricing for your unit.

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