Why Do I Have To Use HomeSuite's Lease?

Bianca Jayanty -

At HomeSuite, we believe that the value of our lease [LINK to lease] lies not necessarily in the lease itself, but in the tremendous range of products and tools that partners can access through adopting the lease. Check out some of the new tools below!

Instant Leasing

Dubbed Instant Leasing, our lease offers a strategic and unique advantage of online, no-touch, low-effort leasing (live in October) [LINK to instant leasing article].

To rent out a unit, all you need to do is accept the the prescreened tenant and review, sign, and return the lease. No more talking to our agents nor endless haggling with potential tenants over lease specifics. We take care of everything, from background check and credit review to confirming their move-in date.

Faster Payments through HomeSuite's Direct Deposit

Getting paid by tenants can often be a hassle. Physical checks can be misplaced or delayed in the mail, while credit card payments add a significant and unavoidable fee. At HomeSuite, we understand that even a payment that arrives a couple days late can hurt your business. That's why, with HomeSuite's Direct Deposit, payment management is easy, and ensures that all rents owed are in your account in a timely and predictable manner. Don't forget to read about our $50,000 landlord rent guarantee!

Full Invoice Visibility and Leases through our Partner Dashboard

Tracking payments is an important part of property management for every Partner. Whether keeping an eye on income for tax season or tracking multiple inbound payments in a given month, Partners need to know where their money is, how much they can expect, and where it is coming from. With our Invoices and Leases tabs in the Partner Dashboard, you can stay on top of all transactions that occur on the HomeSuite platform.

Tenant Deadlines

We've decreased the window tenants can sign the lease once the move-in date has been confirmed. The new window is now 48 hours, which is designed to help expedite the lease so you get to wait less. Once the tenant signs, you will be alerted immediately. 


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