What Do I Have To Do After Signing The Lease?

Bianca Jayanty -

Now that your property has been leased by HomeSuite, it should be completely clean and ready for move-in. You will receive the tenant's contact information and be introduced via email once the lease is completely executed. Please be prepared to relay the following information to the tenant.


Move-In Instructions: this includes coordinating key pick-up, providing any pertinent information involving how to enter your property and what time the tenant can enter.


Maintenance Issues: you are required to resolve any maintenance issues on your property. If you have a property manager or maintenance handyman, remember to provide the contact information to the tenant if this information is not included on your listing or move-in instructions.


Move-Out Instructions: this includes key drop-off instructions and any other pertinent information involving how to leave your property and by what time the tenant must leave.


To reduce tenants questions during their stay, it is recommended that you provide a Property Manual detailing FAQs from previous tenants. This can include the WiFi password, instructions on what keys open which doors and special instructions for amenities.


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