How Do I Add A Listing?

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Adding a new listing or editing existing property information is easy and can all be done from the Partner Dashboard. After logging into your account, you will be directed to the dashboard.


Note: If it is your first time logging in, you will be prompted with a message requesting that you approve our Terms of Service and complete payment authorization. Read more on how to add or update your bank account information and payment information requests.

To create your first listing, click on the "Add Property" button.

The next webpage to load will reflect the image seen below. Please fill out as many fields as possible, as a more complete property listing fosters trust and is more compelling for prospective tenants. Please note that many fields are required before you can save your property.


Scroll down the rest of the page and continue to fill out the fields that are relevant to your property. For a complete list and guide of all the fields in the "Add Property" page, please follow this link.

Final Steps

Once you've completed and reviewed all the information, press "Save Property." The button can be found at the very bottom of the "Add Property" page.

* If you receive an Error message when you click "Save Property" be sure to make all requested adjustments. Please note that if you insert "0" in the utilities fee box, you will not be able to save. A value of 1 or greater must be inserted in this field. If you do not require the tenant to pay the utilities, you can adjust this field back to "0" once the Listing has been created.

* If you are unable to Save your new listing and no Error message is provided, please check that you have completed the following fields:

- Cross Streets: You must enter the street your property is located on as well as its nearest cross street

- Security Deposit: If you select "Yes", you must then enter a security deposit amount in the following field. Do not use the Security Deposit Multiplier option.

- Utilities Fee: You must enter a numerical value greater than "0" in this field. If you do not require the tenant to pay the utilities, you can adjust this field to "0" once the Listing has been created.


When you have successfully created your property listing, you will be taken to the "Edit Property" page.

Congratulations! You've added your first property.

If you already have additional units listed on our site, you can edit the details regarding an existing property by selecting “Edit Details” on your Property Dashboard. You will then be able to change any information.



It is your responsibility to ensure your property listing reflects truthful and up to date information. Prospective tenants depend on complete and accurate information provided in your property listing. In addition, the information provided will be used to auto-populate lease drafts. Inaccurate or incomplete information can delay the leasing process. 

For your protection, your personal information will be kept safe from the public and will not be viewable to the tenant until the lease is signed. 

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