How Do I Sign My Lease Using Docusign?

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Once your lease is drafted, it will be emailed to you and all other tenants on the lease for signatures via Docusign. The email will appear in your inbox with the subject line "Action Required: Lease #(Your Lease ID). It's time to sign your lease" from HomeSuite, Inc. via Docusign.


Once you open the email, you will see the following image. Click on the orange “Review Document” button to access the lease on Docusign.



This button will take you to the website Docusign where you can review and sign your lease. Once you open the lease on Docusign, you will be prompted to agree to use electronic records and signatures. Before you can review and sign the lease, you will need to select the box that states “I agree to use electronic records and signatures” pictured below and then press continue. From there, please use the following guide to complete the lease agreement.



Please read the entire lease agreement to ensure that all the information is correct. If you feel that the price, dates, utilities information, or parking information are incorrect. Please contact the HomeSuite Customer Care Team. Pay special attention to Section 35 “Due Before Occupancy” so you know what you have to pay before you can move-in. The rent amount in the "Due Before Occupancy" section may be different than your monthly rate. This occurs when you have to pay more than one month's rent or less than one's months rent before you move-in. See these articles for more information on how HomeSuite calculates rent.

 Was My Rent Charged Incorrectly

 How HomeSuite Calculates Pro-Rated Rent


HomeSuite is unable to change any of the wording in our lease agreement. We will not be able to facilitate any requests to add, remove, or alter the wording of the lease agreement



Once you finishing reading the lease, please initial and sign the lease. You will need to initial the lease in 7 spaces. To initial the lease, click the box show below.



If you have not used Docusign before, you will be asked to set your signature and initials. Once you set your signature and initials, you will be able to apply your initials and signature to the lease. Please click "Adopt and Initial" once you have set your signature and initials.




Once you've initialed all 7 spaces on the lease, you will then need to sign the lease in the section that states "Tenant agrees to rent the premises on the above terms and conditions" as shown below. 




Once you have read, initialed, and signed the lease, choose the "Finish" button to send the lease to your landlord to countersign. 



Once you submit the lease, you can choose to save a copy of the lease by clicking the button highlighted by the red arrow or print the lease by choosing the button highlighted by the blue arrow. This screen will also ask you to create an account with Docusign. However, you are not required to sign up for a Docusign account and can simply choose the "No Thanks Button" highlighted by the green arrow. Once you choose the "No Thanks Button" Docusign will take you to the follow screen to let you know that you have finished signing. 




Please note that every tenant who is named on the lease will need to sign the lease before you can move-in. 

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