What Do I Need To Do On Move Out Day?

Tyler Malvase -

If you want to know the specific move-out instructions for your unit please contact your landlord. Move-out instructions can vary on a landlord-by-landlord basis, so your landlord will be the best source of information for what you should do when you move-out. Your landlord will let you know what to do with the keys and inform you of any other specific steps you should follow. If you would like to schedule a move-out walkthrough to review the condition of the unit, please contact your landlord to see if they are available to do a move-out walkthrough.

We do recommend that you remove all personal belongings from your unit, throw out all trash, empty the refrigerator of any food, and turn off the heater or air conditioner. Please leave the unit in the same condition as it was when you moved-in to avoid any deductions to your security deposit.  We also recommend that you take photos of the unit at move-out if you would like to have a record of the condition of the unit. 

Many landlords will charge a move-out cleaning fee before you move-in or deduct this fee from your security deposit. Please refer to your lease agreement for specific cleaning fee information (if applicable). This fee is used to have your unit professionally cleaned after you move out.  However, we still advise leaving the unit in the same condition it was in when you moved-in in order to avoid any deductions to your security deposit. If you have any questions about what you should do before you move-out please contact your landlord directly for further guidance.

Notice To Vacate:

A commonly asked questions from tenants is "Do I need to give notice of my move-out"? The answer is no. The end date of your lease is considered as the confirmed end date for your stay. Because of this, HomeSuite does not require our tenants to give a notice to vacate. 

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