How It Works: A Step By Step Tenant Guide

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Are you a prospective tenant or new tenant looking for information on what to expect when you book with HomeSuite? If so, the following guide will give you an overview of the HomeSuite experience. 


After You Book

Once you submit your $500 holding deposit and complete your application, our Operations Team will review your application and process your background check. If your application and background check are approved, our Operations Team will begin to process your lease. 


Signing Your Lease and Making Payment

Once your application is approved, it takes our Operations Team 24 hours to process the lease. When the lease is ready, it will be emailed through the website Docusign to your inbox for review and signature. This email will include a url link to the lease agreement which you can use to access and sign the lease. We do require that you sign your lease online through Docusign as we do not accept leases that have been signed in any other manner. 


At the same time your lease is sent out for signatures, our Payments Team will email you an invoice for your security deposit and rent. Please keep in mind that rent is due 10 days prior to your move-in date.  In order for us to introduce you to your landlord and provide their contact information, we require that the lease is signed and that the security deposit and first month's rent have been paid. We accept payment via ACH bank transfer or credit card (all credit card transactions are assessed a 3% credit card processing fee). For more information on how to make a payment, please consult this article How To Make A Payment



Once the lease has been signed and the security deposit and first month's rent have been paid, we will send you an email that introduces you to your landlord and provides you with their contact information. From there, you will be able to get in touch with your landlord and coordinate your check-in, as well as ask your landlord any questions you may have about your unit. 

During Your Stay

If you encounter any maintenance issues, or have any questions related to your unit, please contact your landlord directly. HomeSuite is a third party marketplace and does do not employ any maintenance or property management personnel. Our landlords are all incredibly responsive and will be able to resolve any issues you have. 

If your stay is more than one month, you will receive additional invoices for the rent. Monthly rent is due on the 21st of the preceding month and can be paid the same way that you paid your first month's rent. For additional information about monthly rent payments, please consult Due Date For Rent

Extending Your Stay

If you would like to extend your stay, HomeSuite requires at least 2 weeks notice before the original end-date on your lease as well as a minimum 30 day extension term. If your desired extension meets those two criteria, please contact the Territory Manager who helped you book your unit. They will contact your landlord to see if the unit is available for your requested extension period. Please keep in mind, HomeSuite does not guarantee the availability of your unit for an extension.


A week before the end-date on your lease, you will receive an email reminding you that your move-out is approaching. Because HomeSuite values your feedback, the move-out email includes a link to review the property you rented.

Your landlord should have provided specific move-out instructions at the beginning of your stay, but if they did not, please contact them to see what they would like you to do before you move-out. Following your landlord's move-out instructions will help ensure that you do not incur any deductions to your security deposit. 

After you vacate the unit, we will contact your landlord to see if there were any deductions to your security deposit. To avoid deductions to your deposit, please leave the unit in the same condition it was in when you moved-in. We also recommend taking pictures of the unit when you move-in and move-out to document the condition of the unit. Your security deposit will be returned in a timely manner in compliance with the laws of the state you rented in. Please consult the below articles for those specific time periods as well as information on how we will refund your deposit. 

Security Deposit Refund Methods

Security Deposit Refund-California

Security Deposit Refund-Illinois

Security Deposit Refund-New York

Security Deposit Washington (State)

Security Deposit Refund-Washington DC


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