How Do I Edit A Property Listing?

Bianca Jayanty -

You can edit details for property listings in the Partner Dashboard. To start, log in to your Partner Dashboard, and click on the "Edit Details" box for the property you wish to make changes to. 

Below are three example walk throughs of fields you can update:

1. Utilities

1. To make changes to the "Monthly Utilities Fees" field, click on the field and enter the value in USD.

2. Update the "Monthly Utilities Cap" field in the same manner. Use this field to indicate how much of the monthly utility bill you will pay for the tenant. For example, if you put "100" in this field and the tenant accrues $150 worth of utilities fees in a month, the tenant will be charged for $50. 

3. Update the "Monthly Utilities Cap Description" if you want to provide a description of any specific exemptions to the cap.

4. The rest of the utilities section consists of a series of dropdown menus with 4 options: "Unknown", "No", "Yes", and "Yes - Included." 

  • Please do not select "Unknown", as this does not provide the HomeSuite team or prospective tenants with any information about your property
  • Select "No" if a utility is not available at all in your property. For example, if a cable hookup is not available, you would select "No".
  • Select "Yes" if a utility is available with your property, like electricity or phone, but the tenant pays for the costs of that utility.
  • Select "Yes - Included" if a utility is available with your property and you, as the owner, pay the costs. 


2. Property Location

To change the location heading for your property, select the "Nearest Cross Streets" field and enter the closest cross streets to your property.

Be sure to confirm that the location of your property is reflected as accurately as possible by checking the Google Map feature. 

Remember: HomeSuite will not list your actual address on our website. The address will only be released to the tenant once the lease is presented for signatures.


3. Pets

To update the pet policy for your listing, select whether cats or dogs are allowed. Select yes or no. 

Enter a value in USD for the total monthly pet fee that you collect for all pets.

Enter a value in the "Pet security deposit" field if you charge a refundable damage deposit specifically for pets. If you charge a non-refundable fee, enter it in the "Pet cleaning fee (one time)" field.

If you have any specific restrictions, like the number of pets or maximum weights, please enter that information in the "Pet restrictions" field. 



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