How Is My Property Leased Through HomeSuite?

Bianca Jayanty -

After you've added a listing, added payment information, and activated your listing, you'll now be ready to undergo our leasing process:

Lease Application

  • Once a tenant has submitted a lease application for your property and passed our background check, you will receive an email notification containing the lease application. Please accept within 24 hours of receipt, and we’ll send the lease your way!
  • If you must request a change or decline the lease application, please remember to review our Terms of Service, and ensure to abide by them moving forward.


  • The lease will be sent to you and the tenant(s) via DocuSign, requesting you to review and sign within 24 hours. In the rare event the tenant does not sign after you’ve already signed, the lease will be immediately voided, and you will be under no obligation.


  • Once we have a fully executed lease, rent payment will be sent to you based on the payment schedule outlined in the payments process overview.

Move-In Instructions

  • Once the tenant has made their first rent payment, you will be connected to the tenant via email to provide move-in instructions and handle any questions or issues that may arise during the tenant's stay.
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