How Do I Add or Change My Payment Information?

Nikki -

You can add your payment information in the Partner Dashboard at the time of account creation. 

To start, login to your Partner Dashboard by selecting "Login" in the top right corner of our website. 



1. Fill out the form listed below your units in the Partner Dashboard Tab.

2. Enter in your bank account information, including your routing number and account number.

You can find your account number and bank's routing number on your bank statement, or on your checks. See example check below:


* If you elect not to input your banking information at the time of account creation, you will need to email this information to

* You will not be able change or edit your banking details once they have been entered. To update these details, please email

Please Note: You can only enter 1 bank account per Landlord account. This will be used for all payments and transfers. 


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