Property Listing Minimum Requirements

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Last year we found that HomeSuite tenants most often inquired on and booked listings with complete information. All of our listing must include the following information in order to remain active:


Base Price

Move in Date Bedrooms Baths


Monthly Utilities Fee Cable TV Internet


Cleaning Fee (one time) Maximum Occupants Access to laundry

Parking Type

Cat Friendly Dog Friendly Air Conditioning

Nearest Cross Streets

Street Address (internal use only) Property Description Photos

**This table corresponds with the flow of the property edit page from top to bottom. 

Additional information is provided below to assist filling these "minimum requirement" fields:

Property Information


1. Cross streets - "Main St & International Blvd"

2. Full address - "123 Main St, City, ST"

3. Unit number (if applicable) of the property

Property Description Full and accurate description of property to capture attention of prospective tenants

For best results: include 10-15 high-quality, up-to-date photos that accurately represent the property.

The best photos are minimum 600px resolution (a 600px photo is generally large enough to see the details on a computer screen and has a file size of around 100k)

Move in Date

First available date new tenants are able to move into your property


Number of dedicated bedrooms in your property


Number of bathrooms in the property, including half baths


Pricing & Fees

Base Price

 Monthly rent to be paid to you


 One-time, refundable security deposit charged to the tenant at booking

Monthly Utilities Fee

 Amount charged monthly to the tenant to cover utilities.

Cleaning Fee (one time)

 One-time, flat amount charged to the tenant to cover cleaning services



Access to Laundry

 Specific information on how tenants can expect to do laundry while at your property.

Parking Type

 Parking details - this is very helpful for tenants planning to use a vehicle

Cat Friendly

 Yes or No, you may also include restrictions on number, breeds, and sizes

Dog Friendly

 Yes or No, you may also include restrictions on number, breeds, and sizes



Maximum Occupants 

Tenants permitted to stay shall not exceed this number

Minimum / Maximum Lease† Fewest and most number of months* a tenant may lease the property


*For your protection, your property address and contact information will not be publicly visible on your listings and will only be shared with a tenant once the lease has been drafted and signed. The address of the property will be limited to the neighborhood and nearest cross street on the tenant-facing website. The personal information provided will be used to auto-populate lease drafts.

†The minimum lease length for tenants is 30 days.

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