Our Partner Requirements

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For your property to be viewed and leased on HomeSuite, please ensure you have completed the following requirements:

1. Complete and Accurate Property Data

Complete and accurate property data is important because it allows HomeSuite to deliver leases instantly and increase tenant conversion from application to lease. Simply put, customers are more likely to book a property from Partners who share more about their properties.

**New "Minimum Requirements" standard effective January, 31 2017**

2. Payment Information 

We require payment information upfront so that we can pay you as soon as your property is leased. HomeSuite Direct Deposit allows us to pay you quickly and securely. Read more about how to add payments information.

3. Terms of Service Acknowledgement

It is your responsibility to read, understand, and accept our Terms of Service to support the leasing process. You will be prompted to accept the Terms each time you log into your Partner Dashboard when there are updates.


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