How Do I Update Availability?

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Your property's availability can be updated automatically by syncing your Homesuite calendar with an existing calendar on a different leasing platform. 

You can manually also update the availability for your properties in your Partner Dashboard in two locations. To start, log in to your Partner Dashboard.

Location #1: You can always update the availability of a specific property from the Partner Dashboard by selecting the "Next Available Date" field and entering in a new value as 'YYYY-MM-DD'. 


Location #2: You can also update the availability of a specific property on the individual property page by selecting "Edit Details."

Simply click on the "Move-In Date" field to active the pop-up calendar. Select the appropriate date using the calendar.

If you are not syndicating properties on other rental sites, be sure to update your listings on HomeSuite at least once a week. The more frequently you update your listings, the more likely you are to receive leases.


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