How To Create A Homesuite Video Walkthrough

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How To Create A Homesuite Video Walkthrough


A good video walkthrough can greatly increase the number of inquiries your Homesuite property listing generates. We highly encourage our Property Managers to create them. Plus, they’re fun to create! Here are some quick tips we’ve compiled:


  1. Plan your video in advance. Make sure rooms are neat and well lit and consider the order of the rooms you want to shoot.
  2. Capture the video in landscape and walk through in a steady pace - try to keep your camera/phone as level as possible.  
  3. Pan around each room so that potential guests can get a good sense of what it would be like to stay there.
  4. Highlight special amenities. If there's something unique about your listing, make sure you show it off!
  5. Narrate the video. Or better yet, have a friend or family member give a tour of the home while you film them. People in a video always make it more engaging.
    • If there’s voice in the video, be sure to use a captioning service. That way, people will be able to follow along even if their audio is off or volume is turned down. YouTube even has automatic captioning using speech recognition.
  6. Upload it to YouTube
  7. Share the YouTube video link with customers inquiring on Homesuite Messaging and paste it in your listing in the box indicated by the arrow in this image, and then click "save":





Having fun and want to take it to the next level?


  • Add a soundtrack! If you do, just be sure to balance the volume levels of your narration versus the soundtrack. You don’t want the music to drown out your narration.
  • Get a stabilizer like a “gimbal”.


Need more tips? BiggerPockets has an in-depth guide here.


Want to see a good example from a Homesuite Property Manager? Check out this video.

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