How Do I Fill Out The Property Information Fields On My Listing?

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The "Add Property" Page


The first section is titled "Property Key Facts" and is the very first information prospective tenants will see.

To populate the "Move in Date", click on the empty field and select the date from the dropdown calendar. You can also manually enter the 'Move in Date' as YYYY-MM-DD. 

Add the number of dedicated bedrooms in the "Bedrooms" field. 

Add the number of bathrooms (including half-baths) in the "Bathrooms" field. 

For the "Address" field, please enter the exact street address including the city, state, and zip code (e.g., 34 Harriet Street, San Francisco CA, 94103). Leaving this field blank means your listing will not appear on the map during search.

The "Unit Number" corresponds to the unit number used for that specific property's address. This is important for properties in apartment complexes! If the property just has a street address, however, you can leave the "Unit Number" field blank.

For the "Nearest Cross Streets" field, please enter two streets that intersect at a location near your property. The address of the property will be limited to the neighborhood and nearest cross streets on the tenant-facing side, so the "Nearest Cross Streets" field places a pin on a map and gives prospective tenants an idea of where your property is located.


Leasing Details 

Below "Property Key Facts", you'll find the "Leasing Details" section. 

Mark whether your property requires a deposit by selecting either "No" or "Yes" next to the "Deposit" field. If "Yes", enter the requested deposit in USD to be charged to the tenant, in the "Deposit Amount" field.

If "No", the "Deposit Amount" field will be deactivated and prospective tenants will not be asked for a deposit. Deposits can be used to cover damages created by the tenant.

Note: The "Deposit Multiplier" field is obsolete. Selecting “1x, 2x, 3x” will not multiply your deposit.



Below the "Leasing Details" section, you'll find a section specific for "Utilities".

1. If you have a flat Monthly Utilities Fee, enter it in the Monthly Utilities Fee field. Do not type in the '$' sign or a negative value.

2. If utilities are included in the rent you collect, up to a certain dollar value, enter the amount in the "Monthly Utilities Cap" field and enter "1" in the Monthly Utilities Fee field. ** Please note that if you insert "0" in the utilities fee box, you will not be able to save. A value of 1 or greater must be inserted in this field. If you do not require the tenant to pay the utilities, you can adjust this field back to "0" once the Listing has been created.

For example: If you put "100" in the "Monthly Utilities Cap" field, the tenant will not be charged for any utility use until they exceed $100 per month. Once the threshold is crossed, the tenant will be charged for any overages. Be sure to enter "1" in the "Monthly Utilities Fee" field then adjust the amount to "0" in the Edit Listing page once created. 

Note: you should elect to collect a flat utilities fee or have a monthly utilities cap, not both.

* Please be sure to re-inspect the list of utilities in your property edit page once you have successfully created your listing as you will have additional options to choose from.



Below the "Leasing Details" section, you'll find the "Fees" section.


If your property has an application fee, a cleaning fee, or if you collect occupancy tax, please enter the value of those fees in the corresponding fields. Please note that these fields are not required and are not often used.

The cleaning fee does not correspond to routine housekeeping fees. Instead, this fee references a one-time move-out cleaning charge.

Be sure to only enter exact numbers rather than text, as any text in these fields will cause problems when auto-generating your leases.


Property Key Details


Below the "Fees" section, you'll find the "Property Key Details" section.

Most of these fields are optional, but the information provided here gives prospective tenants a better impression of your property.

The "Maximum Occupants" field is required as it is important for our brokers to understand how many persons you wish to be permitted on the premises. It will also prevent our brokers from sending you a lease with more tenants than you would like. 

Routine Cleanings



Screen_Shot_2017-05-09_at_2.36.00_PM.pngBelow the "Property Key Details" section, you'll find a "Laundry" section.

To indicate if laundry is en-suite or located within the facility, choose the applicable option from the dropdown in the "Laundry" section.



Below "Laundry" section, you'll find a "Parking Details" section.

Indicate in the dropdown box next to "Parking Type" whether the property has parking available and what type. If no dedicated parking is available but the street in front of the unit is open, select "Street Parking Available".

If the property has no assigned spots but is in an apartment complex (e.g., a gated apartment complex with a communal parking lot), select "Uncovered Parking Spot" or "Covered Parking Spot" when applicable. 

If the property is in a "no parking zone", or if the area is known to have no parking available due to demand or zoning laws, select "No Designated Parking Spot".

If there is a garage, indicate where the garage door opener is found on move in, or indicate if there is a code to enter (if applicable). 

Indicate if you wish to charge a fee for parking and at what cost. Charging a fee for parking works well for partners who are already charged a fee by an apartment complex for a dedicated spot. In addition, indicate how many spots are available, and if applicable, the parking space numbers. 

If the tenant needs a parking permit, fill out the "Parking Permit Details" to inform the future tenant how to obtain the permit. This information will be provided in the tenant's welcome packet. 

The remaining field is available for you to provide as much information as you wish about the parking situation to the prospective tenant.

More information is always better, but do not feel compelled to complete every field as, apart from the checkboxes, this section is optional.


Pet Policy & Building AmenitiesScreen_Shot_2017-05-09_at_2.49.02_PM.png

Below the parking section, you'll find two sections for "Pets" and any additional "Building Amenities".

For the "Pets" section, specify if your property is cat and/or dog friendly. If you do not allow pets on your property, select "No" for both.

If you charge a move-out cleaning fee specifically for pets, indicate the fee in the "Pet cleaning fee (one time)" field.

In the "Building Amenities" section, select all the appropriate checkboxes for amenities that are available in-unit and/or in the apartment complex.


Property Description

In the "Property Description" section, include as much information you would like about your property, the neighborhood, and what makes it all unique. To increase bookings include the bed sizes per room, what faces the property, the floor number and square footage, along with any other prevalent property details. This information will help a prospective tenant book faster!


Having Problems Saving your Listing?

If you receive an Error message when you click "Save Property" be sure to make all requested adjustments. Please note that if you insert "0" in the utilities fee box, you will not be able to save. A value of 1 or greater must be inserted in this field. If you do not require the tenant to pay the utilities, you can adjust this field back to "0" once the Listing has been created.

If you are unable to Save your new listing and no Error message is provided, please check that you have completed the following fields:

- Cross Streets: You must enter the street your property is located on as well as its nearest cross street

- Security Deposit: If you select "Yes", you must then enter a security deposit amount in the following field. Do not use the Security Deposit Multiplier option.

- Utilities Fee: You must enter a numerical value greater than "0" in this field. If you do not require the tenant to pay the utilities, you can adjust this field to "0" once the Listing has been created.

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