What Are Some Common Questions From Prospective Tenants Regarding Homesuite, And How Should I Answer Them?

Clement Chou -

Throughout your conversation with the prospective tenant, questions may come up regarding Homesuite, and we want to make sure you are well equipped to handle them. Here are some of the most common questions prospective tenants ask about Homesuite:

Question: Can I view the property prior to submitting an application?

Suggested Response: I currently have a tenant residing in the unit, and am unable to accommodate a showing for that reason. If you choose to stay in a Homesuite property, you will be shown the same courtesy and privacy and not have a showing while residing in the unit.

Question: When am I required to submit payment?

Suggested Response: When submitting your application, Homesuite will place a $500 hold (not a charge) on your credit card. As soon as you receive the lease from Homesuite, you will be expected to submit your security deposit payment (if applicable), and your first month's rent + fees will be invoiced by Homesuite 10 days prior to your move-in date, with all subsequent monthly payments to be invoiced 10 days prior to the 1st of each month.

Question: How do I move forward with submitting an application?

Suggested Response: Click the "Reserve Now" button in our message thread, then fully complete and submit the application to Homesuite.

Question: What happens after I've submitted an application?

Suggested Response: Homesuite will run a complete background check on you, and reach out to you directly if they need additional information. Once you have passed the background check, you will be invoiced for the security deposit (if applicable) and will receive a copy of the Homesuite lease that you will need to sign immediately. Once the lease has been fully signed by all parties, you will be invoiced for first month's rent + fees 10 days prior to your move-in date, and will be connected back to me, the landlord, for move-in instructions, once that payment has been made.

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