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The HomeSuite Lease is automatically generated for signature once a tenant commits to an available listing. Dubbed Instant Leasing, our lease offers a strategic and unique advantage of online, no-touch, low-effort leasing!

Benefits of having a HomeSuite Lease:

  • Faster lease processing: Because the lease is standardized, HomeSuite automatically fills in all required information on the lease. Leases will be sent out same day, usually within hours and eventually minutes.
  • Faster payment: Because the lease is sent out so quickly, payment will be completed more quickly. Most leases are signed within 24 hours, so direct deposit payment will go out as quickly as it possibly can, automatically.
  • Eliminate errors: There won't be any manual work required on the leases, which will reduce and often eliminate errors.
  • Repeatable, reliable process: The process will always be the same, so you can rely on what is happening behind the scenes at HomeSuite.
  • The HomeSuite Lease gives you protection: We've designed the lease to be locally compliant and include all of the protection you are currently familiar with.

To see our lease, please refer to this article

Our Leasing Process is so simple! 

Lease Application

  • Once a tenant has submitted a lease application for your property and passed our background check, you will receive an email notification containing the lease application. Once accepted by you, we’ll send the lease your way!
  • You are able to request a change or decline the lease application, but please remember to review our Terms of Service and note that this will impact your overall Acceptance Rate. 


  • We will then send you and the tenant(s) the lease document to sign via DocuSign, requesting you to review and sign within 24 hours. In the rare event the tenant does not sign after you’ve already signed, the lease will be immediately voided, and you will be under no obligation.


  • Once we have a fully executed lease, rent payment will be sent to you based on the payment schedule outlined in the payments process overview.

Move-In Instructions

  • Once the tenant has made their first rent payment, you will be connected to the tenant via email to provide move-in instructions and handle any questions or issues that may arise during the tenant's stay.

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