If The Landlord Sends Me A Different Property That I Would Like To Submit An Application For, How Do I Do So?

Clement Chou -

If you submitted an inquiry to a landlord regarding a specific property, and they responded by sending you a Homesuite link to an alternate property, proceed by going to that listing and first entering your dates on the right side.


After you have entered your desired dates, the form will expand to display more details regarding your reservation. Feel free to review in full, check the box for "Pets" if you plan on bringing one, and click "See see payment schedule" for a more detailed version of your quote.


After you have reviewed the details listed, proceed by clicking the orange "Apply Now" button to be taken to the Homesuite checkout page, where you will begin the reservation process.


If for any reason, the orange "Apply Now" button is not available to click, click on "Contact Us" to submit an inquiry to the landlord, and you will be emailed a copy of your inquiry, which will contain a button for you to submit a reservation. For more information on the process for submitting an inquiry to a landlord, please refer to our How Do I Submit An Inquiry To The Landlord Using The Messaging Platform? article.


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