How Do I Respond To A Tenant Inquiry?

Clement Chou -

As a landlord or property manager, you have a few options to respond to a tenant inquiry within Homesuite Messaging:


  1. Answer the prospective tenant's question directly by typing your response in the input box at the bottom of conversation panel and hitting the Return key in the keyboard of your desktop or mobile device.  


  1. If either the move-in or move-out dates don't work, suggest alternate dates by: (1) clicking in the (+) menu in the input box at the bottom of the conversation panel, (2) selecting the “Adjust dates” option and (3) adjusting the dates and clicking Send to notify the user.  See sequence of actions in the images below.


  1. If the prospective tenant requested a discount and you would like to offer one, select "Add special offer" in the (+) menu of your input box at the bottom of the conversation panel.  This will allow you to enter a monthly rent discount from your monthly rent and calculate:
  • the total deduction to your payout for the full stay,
  • your new, net payout for the full stay, and
  • the new, discounted quote for your customer and prospect tenant.  


Important: Please note that discounts quoted to the customer include an adjustment to the Homesuite fee - effectively, further discounts for the prospect tenant.  See an example message to the customer with the net discounts below:


  1. If the unit the customer inquires about is not available and you have other active units listed on Homesuite, you can still suggest any of your other active units and successfully convert the customer intent to a lease.  To suggest a new unit:
  • Click on the (+) menu
  • Select “Suggest new unit”
  • Select the active unit you would like to suggest
  • Click on “Send Suggestion”.

Important:  The customer will receive a button to view the unit listing on Homesuite.  In you conversation with the customer, encourage her to inquire on your suggested property to make it easier to adjust & pre-approve dates, offer special discounts and apply within the respective property ID# and dates with ease.

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