What Are The Messaging Platform Terms Of Service?

Clement Chou -

By using the Homesuite messaging platform, you agree to comply with all terms and conditions listed below. Failure to comply with any of the below terms and conditions may negate your eligibility for the Homesuite rent payment and property damage guarantees, as well as result in your permanent removal from the Homesuite marketplace.

  1. General Policy: Homesuite provides an online platform that connects landlords who have furnished accommodations to list and lease with tenants seeking such accommodations. If you are using Homesuite, and specifically, the messaging platform, you agree to (1) keep all conversations between you and tenants on the Homesuite messaging platform, (2) never provide or request direct contact information such as phone number or email address, (3) never provide a link to a website other than Homesuite's, (4) honor all agreements made between yourself and tenant within the messaging platform, and (5) follow the Homesuite process for activities that take place after a conversation has resulted in a submitted application.
  2. Nondiscrimination Policy: 

    A Landlord may not reject a prospective tenant or alter their move-in terms based on race, religion, nationality, age, gender, or sexual orientation. They also may not make any statement in their property listing to exclude a prospective tenant based on the above factors.

    Although an applicant’s age cannot be used to reject a booking, the property description may list age constraints if the housing or community forbids tenants under a specific age (i.e. - senior housing).

    Additional fees may not be added to a tenant’s stay due to their disability. Please note, this would include any pet fees for a service animal.

    If a partner excludes a tenant as a result of the language in their listing, or denies a tenant based on any of the aforementioned factors, Homesuite may either temporarily or permanently deactivate their listing(s).

    Any future or current Homesuite partners may reach out to our customer service department if they have any questions or concerns about Homesuite’s nondiscrimination policy.

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