How Will I Be Informed Of An Inquiry On My Property?

Clement Chou -

Once a prospective tenant has submitted an inquiry for at least one of your properties, you will receive an email notification from Homesuite Messaging.  To access the inquiry information, you can either (1) click on the Inbox icon in the website header shown below or (2) reply to the email notification.


Your email notifications of new inquiries will have the following features:


Sender:  Homesuite <>

Subject line: New inquiry for [Unit] at [Address] from [Customer first name] ([Property ID#], Message ID#)


  • Customer’s custom message
  • Customer First Name
  • Manager’s First Name
  • Property ID (hyperlinked to your listing)
  • Property Address
  • Property Unit # (if applicable)
  • Requested Move-In Date
  • Requested Move-Out Date
  • Number of Occupants
  • Pets (if applicable)


Here is the screenshot of a sample email notification:


The email notification will also contain a button “Reply to [customer first name]”.  Click on the button to reply to your customer.  Once clicked, you will open Homesuite Messaging in your prefered web browser.  If you are not signed-in, Homesuite will ask you to sign in to access and reply to your customers on Homesuite.  The following screenshot shows the conversation panel on Homesuite Messaging.


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