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Why do property reviews matter?

Tenants look to property reviews to know what to expect out of a rental. Reviews provide them with an unbiased and trusted assessment of both the property and the landlord. Tenants want to know that the photos in the listing will reflect the actual condition of the unit. Having positive reviews on your listing will encourage prospective tenants to book your property with confidence.

How do tenants write property reviews?

HomeSuite tenants are sent an email on the night of move-out providing them with next steps. One important part of this message is a prompt to review the property they have rented.



Tenants rate HomeSuite, the property and the landlord. They are also given the opportunity to write a general review in a freeform box. They must provide their email address and a nickname.


This review is then published at the bottom of the corresponding property listing, displaying only the tenant’s nickname. The rating shown is an average of the property rating and the landlord rating. As soon as the review is published, you will receive an email notification.



What can I do to encourage a great review from my tenant?

Make Sure Property is as Shown in the Listing

No one likes a bait and switch! Make sure that the space and furniture in your listing are shown exactly as they will be presented to the tenant. Tenants expect to move in to the property they have seen in photos.


Tenants expect that the property they are renting will be sparkling clean at the time of move-in. Make sure to have your property professionally cleaned or clean it thoroughly yourself before your tenant arrives. Most of our landlords charge a cleaning fee at exit so that the unit will be clean for the next tenant.

Maintenance Issues

If your tenant encounters any maintenance issues during their stay, make sure to respond to these issues promptly. We require that landlords provide a proposed solution in less than 48 hours, and complete all repairs within 5 days. As a best practice, have the appropriate service worker (plumber, technician, etc.) tend to the property as soon as possible.

General Communication

Your tenant may have questions about the property or the neighborhood, such as “How does appliance X work?” or “Where is the closest supermarket?” They will expect to be able to reach you should they encounter these issues. Be sure to maintain good communication with your tenant during their stay and help make them feel at home.

Can I respond to a review?

Landlords will be notified each time a tenant has written a review on their property. Landlords cannot respond to reviews tenants have written.

I have property reviews from my listing on Airbnb, VRBO, etc. Can I have these reviews imported to my listing with HomeSuite?

HomeSuite does not import reviews from other websites. Only reviews from HomeSuite tenants will be published on your listing.

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