Peace Of Mind Tenant Guarantee

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The $500 holding deposit lets us submit your application, reserve your desired property and prevent others from leasing it during your desired dates. We release the hold if/when:

  • You sign the lease
  • The landlord declines availability
  • You do not pass the tenant screen process and cannot find someone to cosign the lease with you (a guarantor)

If you decide not to sign the lease, or not to pay the security deposit or any rent that might be due upfront, we unfortunately cannot refund the $500.

Homesuite vets each landlord and property, so we can guarantee each listing is accurate and as described. We will protect you in the unlikely case of fraud, significant property misrepresentation, and uninhabitable conditions upon arrival.

All HomeSuite tenants are protected by a signed lease, which is our contractual agreement, and covers resolution for both the tenant and landlord in the case of a dispute.

In the unlikely event that the owner cancels after the lease is signed, our team will quickly help you find another property. 


Homesuite will make things right if your apartment is not as described in any of the following ways:

  • The living quarters (bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens) are significantly misrepresented in writing or by photographs on the HomeSuite website
  • The property is not within 1000 feet of the communicated geographic location
  • The property has a different number of bedrooms or bathrooms than the listing
  • The property is not habitable because of damage or cleanliness

Let us know within 24 hours of move in and we will do everything we can to find a suitable replacement for you, or we will work to issue a refund for any paid rent, deposits and other fees.

If the tenant and Homesuite disagree on whether there was an eligible inaccuracy, HomeSuite has the final right of determination.

To exercise this guarantee, the tenant needs to notify their Homesuite representative in writing within 24 hours of either 1) move-in or 2) being notified of the inaccuracy (whichever is sooner).


  • The guarantee does not cover omission of information, verbal claims or implicit claims, only written inaccurate information provided.
  • Tenant is responsible for ensuring that the lease information matches the information for the listing. Homesuite is not responsible for tenant leasing a different rental than they were expecting if any of the eligible inaccuracy items from above are clearly different in the lease from the listing or other written information provided by Homesuite.

Personalized Assistance:

When you lease with Homesuite, you enjoy the personalized assistance of the Homesuite Care team from move-in to move-out and throughout your stay. Whether the property manager is not available and you need immediate assistance during your stay, you want to change the move-out date and extend your lease, or you would like guidance with the return of your security deposit, the Homesuite Care team is ready to assist you.

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